Animal NPCs – Update #1

This week a number of things have been fixed and improved under the hood, including saving and texture filtering. There are still some glitches when rendering some floors and objects on occasion, but they should be fixed soon as well.

Most noticeable change this week was adding of some furry NPCs to the demo map. There is a small meadow where cows and pigs hangout, away from everyone. They are friendly and if the player is friendly to them as well, they might even provide some assistance.

There will of course be human NPCs as well. If not in the forest, then for sure somewhere outside 🙂

Website Update

As work on the first demo progresses, it was time to create a new website. It will be updated fairly regularly with information on how Elemental Enigma is shaping up and what direction it is heading.

More info is coming. Stay tuned!