Combat – Update #15

Elemental Enigma is 2D isometric RPG with turn-based combat. After months of improvements to quests, rendering and other important systems it is finally time to have a look at combat.

Combat in Elemental Enigma is inspired by modern Shadowrun and XCOM games as well Disgea and Final Fantasy Tactics. Player controls a party of 1 to 4 characters and by using various skills and positioning tries to eliminate attacking monsters.

Skills that the player controlled characters have depend on their build, and unlike most games their build is directly tied to their personality.

Positioning is relevant, not only in regards to distance to enemies, but also certain objects offer cover while some locations might offer passive buffs. Also direction in which character is facing is important, as flanking enemies can provide significant bonuses to attack.

Combat is divided into rounds which are divided into turns. Each character gets one turn in a round, when they can perform a limited amount of actions. Order of characters in a round is randomised based on their Initiative stat. The higher a character’s Initiative, the earlier in the round they will be able to act.

Combat encounters are self contained. That means that health and magick points are restored at the end of combat, KO’ed characters are revived and most status effects are removed.

Over the course of development more details will be shared. Among others on how equipment impacts combat, what kind of skills might be available and more.