Urban Legends – Update #17

Urban Legend is a type of modern folklore. They are often told around campfires, on schoolyards or by the water cooler. Often in such a way that’s unclear how true and how made up they are. These are stories that happened to a “friend of a friend” or to a distant family member. Some of them are supernatural in nature but not necessarily.

In recent years movies, series as well as comic books took them as their main themes. On the internet they took a life of their own through creepypastas and projects like the SCP Foundation.

Elemental Enigma is a game about Urban Legends. It’s a game about elevators to another world, haunted vending machines, taxis driven by faceless drivers, vengeful ghosts and other supernatural mysteries that sprawl our modern cities.

In the game the player will be the friend of the friend that makes the wrong turn on a street that wasn’t there before, they will be the one exploring the abandoned hospital at night, they will be the one sitting alone in the dark room.

And around every corner there were be a mystery waiting to be solved, that will show a bit more of what happens behind the veil and will bring the player closer to finding their missing friend.